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The house

The house then

General León 51 was inhabited from 1935 until 2009 by the Rivera Cuellar family. The family, by way of Mr. Francisco Rivera Salas, placed a series of photographs at my disposal. This series of photos make reference to the construction process of the house, to its furnished interiors and to the people that lived or simply visited in various times and under diverse circumstances. A few even register, with time and date, the traffic accidents that occurred regularly on the corner of León and Cano.



The house now

There is the abandoned house, the house without inhabitants or furniture, the house in its purest state. The spaces have stopped serving any function. Nobody comes, nobody goes, nobody determines if this room is for eating or for sleeping. One goes through the house as one traverses a cavern; slowly, observing its height, guessing its depth, stroking its walls. The house has become a continent without nomenclature, an ambiguous expanse between two seas. We, those who explore it, must contain our fundamental worries, we must postpone the house's constancy and find ourselves in a time before colonization. Find body to body directly, unknown to notaries and naturalists.


Fotos by Luis Palacios Kaim, Patricia Lagarde and Jimena Orozco.